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My aims and reasons for setting up this website.

  • I am a Consultant in Emergency Medicine practising in a busy East London District General Hospital.
  • Over the last few years I have been blessed by Allah, the Almightly with the opportunity to go on a Hajj on numerous occasions.
  • I have travelled both as a pilgrim and as a Hajj Group doctor.
  • I realise that there are numerous websites dedicated to the topic of how to perform Hajj, however there is a lack of information relating to the medical and health aspects, this ranging from how to prepare for Hajj, up to where do you go for help in Saudia Arabia.
  • This is my humble attempt to try and fill this obvious void. 
  • I cannot profess to being an expert, however my aim is you may be able to use this site and its links to find a rich sourse of valuable information. 
  • In time I will try to develop a blog so you will be able to give me feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Also we can all learn from each other and thus this site will hopefully serve as a forum to advance and spread knowledge to others who may be able to gain benefit from it.

With best wishes and kind regards




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Disclaimer & Legal Bits


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